Lisette Delphina

Omni Crafter for Hire

  • Do you need something crafted?
  • Don’t have the right gear to get it done?
  • Want to save money by making an item rather than buying it?

I am able to HQ Craft most recipes in the game as of patch 6.3 and am offering my services to do so. You can provide the materials or if you want you can place an order for an item and as long as the materials are gatherable or farmable through hunting I can go ahead and get started for you and even give you a discount from the current Market Board price.

Level 80 and lower recipe10k Gil Fee per craft
Above level 8015k Gil Fee per craft

Bulk Crafting Discounts available

I can craft the current 620 crafting and gathering sets HQ as well. I can do this with your base materials or if you would like to order an entire set I am taking orders and charging 10% less than the current Market Board Price.

Contact: Lisette Delphina @ Coeurl – Crystal | Discord “anubis#2605”